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I feel the BBC is biased. Certain DJ's keep spouting on as if FM wont be about for long. Me thinks it (the BBC) are trying to put it peoples minds that FM is old and defunct. The truth is that it is still of a higher quality than DAB. I have several FM tuners which out perform DAB in the sound quality stakes. There is another issue which the public should know and that is that DAB circuitry is not very service friendly. I'm speaking from experience as I service TV's and Hi-Fi. The cost of repair is prohibative and my customers end up having to buy a new unit. Not from me I hasten to add as i don't retail. One more thing to think about is who stands to gain from all the broadcast licenses that can be sold on a multiplex broadcast system. Multiplex broadcast is a way of transmitting more stations down a frequency with a narrow bandwidth a.k.a. digital sky broadcast and freeview. Ever noticed the poor quality of some of those broadcasts? That's down to sending as many stations as they can get away with down one frequncy (with low bit rates) on which of course they have an advertising platform. Rant over. All I'll say is that I have no problem with people making money but sound quality should not suffer for it. Cheers.

#128037 • 27/01/2012 10:59am by Mikey • Vote: Up votes (1) Down votes (1)